The first capacity building activities in the field of Water Resources Development and Management in Indonesia started in 1986 by the International Institute for Infrastructure, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering - IHE Delft, the Netherlands. A Regional Branch Office of IHE Delft was established in Jakarta to represent IHE Delft in Indonesia.

It became an independent consultancy firm PT Infrastruktur, Hidro dan Ekologi Indonesia (IHE Indonesia). Based on the notarial act no. 13, Bandung December 18, 2003, and the Ministerial of Justice decree issued on March 11, 2004, number C-05875 HT.01.01.TH.2004, while the business license was issued by the Department of Industry and Commerce on March 1, 2004, number 510/2-0104-DISINDAG/2004.