Core Competence

IHE Indonesia is a leader of capacity building program specifically in water and environment. Capacity building is defined as the development of a management capacity. The capacity means to achieve formulated objectives and to adjust to an ever changing environment.  The objective of a capacity building process is to improve the quality of decision making. In order to achieve organization efficiency and managerial performance in planning and implementation. It involves an enabling environment with appropriate policy and legal frameworks, institutional development, and human resource development.

We have years experiences developed and conducted cross-cutting programmes and business development services. Below are the number of specific capacity building services we have served,

  1. Performance Audit and Improvement
  2. Capacity Building Needs Assesment
  3. Training Needs Assessment
  4. Development of Professional Demand Oriented Training Programmes and Materials
  5. Capacity Building Strategy Developemnt Management
  6. Workshop, Seminar, Training of Trainers
  7. Establishing and managing collaborative knowledge and capacity building networks